Quality Control Unit

Our quality control process endeavors Istafer's Steel Structure manufactory commitment to seed Quality in all phases of its activities. The commitment begins from approaching inquires, meeting the contract specifications, handling project documents, in-process quality inspections, to meet delivery schedule and till the end product is erected satisfactorily. Quality control unit is particularly responsible for monitoring and maintaining the quality of the manufactured products and structures at the manufacturing plant from start to delivery.

This unit has a team of experienced and dedicated staff with high caliber to carry out inspection and testing as per international Quality Standards. All inspection activities are carried out by qualified personnel certified to ASNT Level, VT-UT-MT-PT and certified by Iranian Welding Research and Engineering Center. All Inspection related Documentation activities are fully computerized for ready retrieval at any point of time.

All incoming material at the plant undergo quality test before entering the production line. Throughout the production and at each stage, material and parts must meet QC requirements and test before proceeding to the next stage.

This unit performs all required QC tests such as Visual tests (VT), material Destructive (DT) and Non-Destructive tests (NDT), Ultra Sonic tests (UT), Magnetic tests (MT), Paint and Coating tests, Welding tests and others.