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 From the start, our focus has been to reduce and eliminate human errors. Having this thought in mind, all employees after being tested during hiring process, they go through appropriate training programs and receive related certificates. All quality control personnel have acquired technical certificate in relate to Welds and welding process such as PT, MT and UT. All personnel in the welding line have been certified and passed advanced welding courses.

By using modern and advanced equipments and machineries, which are currently being used in many industrial countries of the world, we have been able to create a fast and high quality production line. This accompanied with skilled personnel, engineers and management is a source of confidence and a guarantee of our quality for our customers.

Our high quality of work is our competitive edge and we are proud to be distinguished by it.

Istafer's Steel Structure Manufactory is able to design, construct and erect steel structures in every dimension and weight all over the world by using modern tools and skilled personnel


We in Istafer's Steel Structure Manufactory, are ready to service all customers worldwide and our expertise is the guarantee of our quality.


Address: Kolahdooz 8, Kolahdooz St.

Boroujerdi Blvd, Phase 2,

Shokohieh Industrial Park

15km Tehran-Qom old road, Iran

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