ISTAFER Construction Company array of services in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation, Mechanical installations and Electrical Installations, are designed to exceed the expectations of our clients. To provide the best quality, value, and overall experience throughout the life of a project, we work in partnership with our client, design partners, subcontractors, and vendors. We foster teamwork on every level, but when it comes to our core values, we don’t compromise.


We offer complete and end to end design solutions for all components of projects including construction, mechanical and electrical designs. Throughout the design process, we play an essential role by reviewing and critiquing the design to ensure constructability while maximizing the value for each dollar spent. Our goal is to identify solutions that will best satisfy the project’s objectives in a functional, aesthetic, economical, and sustainable manner. At the same time, we provide accurate cost and schedule evaluations and establish a detailed construction plan. The result is an efficient and cost-effective design and the expeditious delivery of a successful project.


ISTAFER offers procurement services in all stages of the project. Our procurement experts help reduce purchasing costs and mitigate industry risks by working closely with construction and engineering. We also reduce the time expended by personnel for the purchase of engineered equipment, commodities and construction subcontracts. We provide clients comprehensive procurement solutions for their complex problems. We give them the advantage with proposal support, preparation of request for proposal (RFP) packages and negotiation of final award of contracts.

3-Construction and Installation

ISTAFER provides a competitive price and schedule accountability for construction services to the Oil and gas, energy, water, telecommunications and private sectors. With our extensive construction experience on projects of complex size and scope throughout the nation and region, we offer a full spectrum of construction services to national and regional markets. We combine advanced technologies and project management skills with our proven business consulting and safety programs. This assures clients a competitive price, schedule accountability and long-term value on their most challenging projects.

4-Civil Works

all stages of site preparation including filling, excavation, compaction, construction of roadways, trenches, cable trenches, duck banks, pipe sleeves, U/G piping, foundations and all infrastructure related works.

5-Structural Works

concrete and steel super structures, Road and Bridge construction, concrete storage tanks, steel and concrete high rise buildings, Urban and residential development, Oil and Gas Carbon Steel piping, HDPE and RTRP piping systems

6-Architectural works

Layout design, interior and exterior design and building decorations

7-Mechanical Installations

Water and sewage treatment systems, fire protection, fuel delivery, water delivery, oil and gas pump and pressure control stations, Piping systems, engine and boiling rooms, HVAC systems including Chillers and cooling towers

8-Electrical systems

Lighting and emergency lighting systems, High and low voltage cable systems, fiber optic systems, earthing and Control systems, Data centers, network, sound systems and paging.